Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Unpaid fees at the beginning of a new membership term will forfeit access to space until fees are paid in full. Fees that are not paid after five (5) calendar days will result in loss of access to the space and termination of this membership agreement. The Company will take possession of all items left behind from the termination of unpaid fees. All members will receive at least 30 days notice of any price changes.


If key card is lost or stolen, replacement cost is $25.00. Sharing of key cards or space to unregistered guests will terminate the agreement and no refund will be issued. Member may not share keycard with anyone without written consent from Company.


Members may not allow access to the space to anyone who is not their guest or client. If any locked or secured point of access is left opened or unattended for any reason, Member may be held responsible for any damage, loss, or safety concerns that arise.


Access to the space is intended solely for business use, and shall be used only for conducting office business and related activities necessary to Member’s business. Guest workers must pay daily or monthly fee to share office space. Both parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is not intended as a lease.


The space is intended to be used as a collaborative workspace. Members acknowledge and are held to strict confidentiality rules. Members must be mindful and considerate of other’s need for and use of the space. If meeting with a group of clients or other guests larger than three (3) additional people, conference room must be reserved. Outside of conference room use, no more than three (3) clients or guests may be brought into the space at a time. Members are responsible for directly supervising their guests at all times. Guests may not be left unattended in the Space. Guests must sign in and out at the reception desk upon entrance and exit of the space.


Member and Member’s guests may not sit at or use the reception desk or computer.


The Member shall not store explosive/flammable/toxic chemicals or materials on the premises.


The Member/Company shall have the right to terminate the agreement with a seven (7) day notice.


Upon expiration or termination of this agreement, Member shall return the property to Company in substantially the same condition in which the property was received by Member.


Lost or stolen valuables are the responsibility of Member.  Company assumes no responsibly for lost or stolen valuables.


Conference Room

Conference can be rented by the hour. Time slots are first come, first serve. Conference room time must be paid in full before the use of the space. Once the time slot has ended, the conference room must be vacated and left in the condition it was found. All personal items must be removed.


Member’s Responsibilities




      • Keep work space neat and clean. 
      • Use the Space and any equipment and furniture in reasonable manner
      • Pay monthly fees, conference room time, and/or beverages and snacks by due date.  Four percent (4%) interest will be added each day a payment is late. (Returned check fee is $35.00)
      • Conduct your business from the space in a way that does not interfere with other occupiers of the Property. Any act of omission on the part of your employee or guest is deemed to be an act of omission of you.
      • Vacate the space at the end of your membership period, or on earlier determination of this agreement.
      • Directly supervise and accompany children at all times. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if a child interferes with other workers, their space, or property.




      • Block or interfere with the Company’s right of possession and control of the Property.
      • Share keycard with anyone.
      • Bring pets onto premies, unless it is a certified service animal.
      • Obstruct access to or within the Property
      • Use or allow any other person to use the Space or the Property as its registered office without company’s written consent. If termination request is sent in writing, it is the responsibility of the Member to ensure anyone using the Space or Property as its registered office terminates said behavior.
      • Bring any office furniture into the Space, or install or connect to any utility of electronic communication services in the Space, unless permitted by the Company in writing.
      • Alter or change the Space.
      • Move any fire extinguishers, except in the case of an emergency.
      • Interfere with any other business or clients of businesses. Solicitation of other businesses clients, without permission from that business, is not permitted.
      • Cause any nuisance or inconvenience to any occupiers of the property. This includes inappropriate language and disrespectful outfits.
      • Display anything on windows or doorways of the Property without written consent from the Company.
      • Cause any damage to any furniture or equipment within the Space.
      • Smoke within 25 feet of any door of the property. Cigarette butts must be property disposed.
      • Use more space than what is needed to conduct business.